About Us

African Expeditions was born from a humble idea back in 1987. We are a family-owned and run business that proudly wears the title of Pioneers in the Self-Drive Safari Market in Africa.

We were the first self-drive operator to offer full logistical support in extremely remote areas throughout Southern Africa.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best Africa has to offer to our clients. We do not work through 3rd parties and firmly believe in talking directly and honestly with all of our clients.

We take the “been there, done that” approach. We are not travel agents selling destinations we know nothing about. We have been to every single destination and done every single route we offer on our safaris tour operator in Southern Africa

Whilst we may not be the biggest tour operator out there, you can be rest assured knowing that we always pride ourselves in being the best.

Africa Expeditions is not a club, a part-time hobby or about operating tours for a paid vacation – it is a full-time business that we are fully devoted and dedicated to.

Over 30 years of experience

Born from humble beginnings in 1987

Family-owned and run business

Pioneers of Self-Drive Safaris in Africa

Travel and adventure is our passion

We pride ourselves in being the best

Full logistical support in remote areas

Self-drive safari adventure experts